It is permissible to offer the pilgrimage and the Umrah on behalf of another person who is unable to offer such a duty personally, as in the case of a deceased person or one who suffers from a chronic illness.

Umrah is great act of worship but unluckily some people are not performed it in their lives and their children wants to do the Umrah on behalf of their parents after their death. Not just only for parents but for grandparents, siblings and our relatives as well. Mostly people don’t know whether it is allowed to perform Umrah on the behalf of dead or not. So, Travel for Umrah gives you the answer to this question

It is permissible to perform Umrah on the behalf of dead. It is allowed to pilgrims to do extra Umrah after Hajj especially if one is unable to undertake independent journeys for Umrah. A person can do Umrah either on behalf of oneself or on the behalf of his deceased parent by going to Taneem, the closest boundary of Haram Sharif or another boundary of Al Haram, the sacred territory or going to Madina and returning to Makkah with another Ihram.

Umrah Online

Umrah Online is a service that allows you to book an Umrah on behalf of someone, for example your mother, father or any relative who’s sick or deceased or unable to complete the journey, you can request an umrah on Behalf from us. We will arrange an Umrah for them in their name, with all the requirements fulfilled by one of the trusted providers. We will also make sure to provide a video proof that confirms the completion of the umrah, recorded by the provider himself.


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