What is virtual reality?

VR is known as Virtual reality and it is a technology which allows developing a new virtual world and users will find themselves within the virtual world. The situation created within VR can be either based on a real place or it might be a virtual place. VR always need extra hardware like VR headphones which separates the user from the real world and navigate them to the imaginary world. You can watch the virtual world by turning your head around and manipulate objects in the virtual reality space. The things which you notice within the VR space depends on the VR app content available in the VR Application.

Use cases of VR in Education

By using virtual reality, students can travel the globe without leaving the classroom and they can explore sky to ocean and look inside the human body at complex mechanisms

Use cases of VR in Real estate

Virtual tours are a great extension of real estate industry. VR apps can recreate the interiors of homes and apartments views to make a demo to clients.

what is augmented reality?

Enlarged the truth is an innovation, which adds virtual things to this present reality seen on the gadget screen. There are different types of AR depending on how the virtual object is processed.

Marker-based AR

In Marker based AR, the virtual item is set on the screen when the gadget identifies and peruses a specific marker – frequently, a QR code. At the point when a cell phone filters the QR code, the comparing object overlays the picture on the screen.


What Can We Do For You?

AR for Education

In higher education, augmented reality is used for a wide range of applications. Faculty use AR platforms to incorporate gamification into curricula and create educational material. 

AR for Architecture

AR is an interactive experience that enhances and overlays a. In architecture, AR is the overlay of 3D digital building or building component models embedded with data onto real-world sites.

AR for Automotive

Augmented reality applications used in showrooms help salespeople show car. The technology allows for a visualization of lots of overlapping information, such as interior and exterior parts, performance, weight, and financing

AR for Marketing

It allows brands to give customers unique experiences with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices. AR gives you another tool when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices.

AR for Interior design

Advantages of Augmented Reality in interior designing for clients. Better Visualization – AR in interior design help the client visualize the project before it is developed. Using AR in interior design gives an ability to the user to design.

AR for E-commerce

AR allows ecommerce customers to preview products or experience services in their own environment and on their own time, before electing to make a purchase. Using AR, your customers can preview products.

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