Health care 

We, as a Healthcare consulting firm, are engaged in development and implementation of People centric solutions in Healthcare sector.





Enoque’s Revenue Cycle Management

Enqoue RCM services is based on concept of Patient to Payment system. We are engaged in Quality claim documentation, clinical coding, medical and technical review of claims, case management, contract management, denial management, payment processing along with benchmarking.

Enoque RCM’s Patient-to-Payment approach addresses the challenges through a comprehensive set of competencies that come together holistically, helping to solve business problems of provider across the entire spectrum of the revenue cycle. These skill sets include a range of solutions, from revenue cycle software, strategic outsourcing, advisory services, analytics and capacity building.

our Patient-to-Payment approach leverages these skills based on individual client needs, diagnosing business issues and their root causes, followed by implementation of customized, integrated solutions that include one or more solutions to holistically transform the revenue cycle of Hospital. Our implementation for every client is unique, with some spanning our full Patient-to-Payment offering and including a combination of analytics, technology and services.

Healthcare Strategic Consultancy

EnoqueHosp is vertical of Enoque Healthcare services to provide result oriented domain specific business solution to Healthcare institutions and helps them to grow in contemporary competitive environment.

EnoqueHosp is a team of seasoned and domain specific professionals such as healthcare administrators, Communication experts, marketing experts doctors, Nurses, biomedical experts, engineers and architects under one roof. Our associated professionals are passionate for bringing a difference in the Hospital Industry. We provide need based end to end solution to hospitals, polyclinics, diagnostic centres, and others, right from conceptualization to commissioning of a facility. We also support hospitals in need assessment, operation and management, marketing, revenue cycle management, IT Solutions Quality assurance and other regulatory affairs.

We believe in innovation and sustainability; hence we design and promote the concept of eco-friendly hospitals. A Healthcare institution undergoes a series of procedures and techniques from the time of concept to commissioning that eventually lead to a state of art Medical facility.

We provide comprehensive three-dimensional business solution to solo practitioner, Polyclinics to tertiary care Hospitals, be it anything in healthcare, we are ready to assist.

Healthcare IT Solution

We offer complete range of user friendly IT solution to healthcare institutions, includes personalised or customised, Server based or Cloud based. We define business rule of the software to meet the requirement of Institutions.

Medical travel

Our vision is to become the leading contributors in the medical tourism industry, offering our customers the best medical and healthcare services with the highest level of transparency and quality.