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Enoq – Quality, excellence and experience! That is what we are all about. Where food and style is the purpose, Enoq caterers are here to provide you with the best.

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About us

Enoq Catering is the complete catering solution for any of your family or corporate events like weddings, parties, get togethers, religious functions,Company Employes food service, Daily home cloud kitchen etc. We currently operate in Jeddah and have plans for expanding soon to other major cities.

Are you planning an intimate gathering or a formal corporate event? We will work with you step by step, to ensure that catering for your event is a memorable one. Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident from the moment you call until the last guest leaves the party.

What We Do

Choose Our Catering Services for Your Event.

Corporate Events

Your can order a corporate full time or part time service for personnel/staff lunches.


Event Planning

A private dining room, or a penthouse catering is one of our many great services.


Wedding Meals

We are committed to enhance the overall feel during the wedding and make it memorable to your guest.



We provide the workforce with catering and subsistence and meet all their daily needs. 


Ready Meals

Our Catering Company provides Catering services to both government and private sectors across the kingdom


Cloud Kitchen

The company performs full operational services for customer’s central kitchens and provides them with a specialized skilled team members



South Indian





north Indian



Let’s Work Together!

Outdoor Catering Indoor Catering

Baked to Order

Order Online

Customer can order your package through Website



Baked to Order

You can track the order current status of Booking


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